How can counselling help?

There are times in our lives where the journey can feel difficult, maybe bewildering and we can lose a sense of who we are and where we are going and may need some help navigating our way through. Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to these feelings. Starting or moving schools, the pressure of keeping up with schoolwork, finding a place amongst peers and dealing with problems at home, can all present challenges for children and young people. Teenage years, the junction between childhood and adulthood can be a particularly turbulent time for many. The body is changing which can be unnerving. New hormones are being released and imbalances of these can give rise to mood swings, feeling vulnerable or angry against a background of more pressure at school, emotional relationships risking embarrassment and even heartbreak. Counselling can help with these turbulent transitions, encouraging young people to make sense of their experiences and better understand their behaviours so as to make more positive choices.

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Since starting, my son has been much more settled with much less ‘attention seeking’ behaviour. He has clearly grown in confidence and something has changed in him for the better where he finally no longer feels the need to disrupt lessons."

Mother - Boy, 13

L’ said that he was relieved to discover that you were human & that he really looks forward to sessions each week which is something hard to find. He told me that he feels you genuinely want to listen and that it is obvious that you genuinely care."

Mother - Boy, 16

Before I came to you, things were difficult and I felt really upset. I was having difficult times in my family and I was struggling to feel positive. You always made me laugh and smile even if I had a rough week. You were always there for me in the worst of times."

Girl, 14

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